Guided Canada Goose & Duck Hunts in NY

There is nothing more inspirational than watching a flock of ducks lock up into the decoys, or a group of huge Greater Canada Geese work the spread feet down in your face!

Our guests can expect the hunt preparation to start in the pre-dawn hours. You meet your guide to go over the strategy and what to expect for the day. Before first light, the guide accompanies you into the field and helps call in the waterfowl. When ducks or geese come into range, your guide calls the shot, instructing hunters to take aim and make a pile! Some days, guests that are physically able are asked to help set out or pick up the decoy spread. It’s a team effort and all part of the experience. The hunt concludes when limits are reached or at 12 Noon. Join us!

Canadian Goose Dates: Sept 1 – Dec 30

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